Watchful Waiting

Challenge: Noise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack |

By: Roxane


Somehow I didn’t get this challenge until quite late this week, so I have only started listening to the music today. I chose Handel’s Passacaglia (after the Passacaille from the Harpsichord Suite No. 7 in G minor) played by Lynn Harrell and Nigel Kennedy.

I actually enjoyed listening to it repeatedly. The incessant repetition was almost soothing. It reminded me of what it feels like to care for and spend time with my mother, who has dementia. When I am with her, everything seems repetitive until a totally unpredictable glitch kicks in. My life with her is full of surprises, sometimes infuriatingly frustrating, but also meaningful and interesting.

My mother can’t remember most of the present very well at all. Routine and repetition characterise my time with her. I am hoping to use this Challenge to begin to try to make something of  the repetition in her questions and thoughts by recording our conversations at meals and in the waiting rooms for medical appointments.

Some of her stories make her light up with enthusiasm as she recounts them.  Her relentless questions stress me but don’t seem to worry her.  So far I’ve not been quick enough to capture many of those moments when she enjoys her own memory.



2 thoughts on “Watchful Waiting

  1. Thanks so much. I never really thought I’d make any work in response to my experience with my mother, so this Challenge has opened that possibility. I’m hoping it will be the beginning of a new dimension in our journey!

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