Challenge: Noise Challenge #6: The Eavesdropper |

By: Roxane


I hate the idea of eavesdropping. I don’t want to listen to other people’s conversations without their consent, and I don’t want others to intrude upon me in this way. Equally, I abhor secrecy; and I despise the acts of espionage and surveillance. I was horrified by my realisation that while I may find the act of eavesdropping repugnant and unethical, perhaps it is becoming obsolete as we increasingly bring our private lives into the public realm.




I feel that I should provide some explanation for this sound piece.  Eavesdropping gives me the creeps, so I wanted to make something that reflected the way it makes me feel, i.e. creepy.  I used the sound from a film I shot somewhat surrepetitiously of a friend’s child singing a tune, “ding, ding, ding”.  Because my friends didn’t know I was filming, nor that I would use the soundtrack for this Noise Challenge, I feel it is a sort of  ”eavesdropping”.

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