Three Cousins and A Widow

Challenge: Noise Challenge #10: The End |

By: Roxane

End. Peroration. I made noise in an underground car park, and then moved to a lift. Dissatisfied, I started to encourage people to sing. My mother sang Happy Birthday three times. Then her cousin came to visit and I got him to sing in public. My aunt is a wonderful soloist, but my recording of her failed utterly to convey the beauty of her voice. I ran out of time. Peroration. I wanted to end with something beautiful, but I didn’t like all the words in David’s song. So I tried many versions of ways to cloud some of the lyrics with other sounds I made and collected.  I’ve enjoyed the noise challenges, they’ve stretched my experience and skills, so I’ve learned a lot. Thank you.



p.s. “peroration” is ‘the concluding part of a discourse and especially an oration’.

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