Westwood Middle School Project

What does noise look like?

September – May, 2013

Exhibition: June 12, 2013, 6-8:30pm

Community artist and teacher, Amy Barnes, has a class of 30 creative, noisy, inquisitive kids.

On this webpage we’ll be tapping into their year-long project, as Ms. Barnes and her grade 7 students undertake a series of noise experiments, creative workshops, and learning modules in order to answer the elusive question: What does noise look like in our school?

A public multidisciplinary exhibition, co-curated by Labspace Studio, will be presented on June 12th at Luc Sculpture School & Studios in the Danforth Ave. east neighbourhood.

CBC radio made a terrific documentary about our project. Check it out!


Project Updates:

Soundscapes of our Class

Soundscapes of the Future

Making sound maps of our school

Artist in the School

Our Day of Silence