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Challenge: Noise Challenge #2: The Little Things |

By: Rocio

Drops of water can be insignificant but they amount to an ocean. The same way little noises; the sound of our walk, our breath,the noises of instruments, drops of balls, cries of children, laughter, talk, crushing rocks, computer noises, light noises all amounts to a deafening ocean of noise chaos.

It takes intentional attention to discover those little noises from the vast ocean of noise. Every time I attempted to singular a little noise others would creep in diluting and mixing with other noises. I decided not to fight this attempt but rather embrace it. I recorded a minute in my children’s day ( at the science world) and I noted the vast amount of noise they are exposed to in their urban daily lives. It did not matter where I attempted to record a minute of noise, the library, the zoo, the playground, the rec centre, the noises always escalated to a deafening levels. My children and I have grown used to this and have developed an amazing capacity for blocking and numbing as a response to this ocean of noise. This exercise was a way to come back and be aware of what surrounds me and my children.