Stephanie Avery

Music of the City: The Awakening Sounds of Stress

Are you feeling too relaxed? Is your stress-free lifestyle holding you back? With Music of the City: The Awakening Sounds of Stress you can finally kiss your tranquility goodbye! Music of the City is a compilation of all your favorite anxiety-inducing sounds of Toronto. From rush hour on the Gardiner, to a crowded Eaton Centre food court, to a crazy lady yelling on the subway, and so much more, all your anxiety needs will be fulfilled with this one convenient compilation.



Acoustic Treasure Hunt

Using the sounds found around the neighbourhood, artists installations, and implanted sound elements, I want to send you on a treasure hunt where, instead of looking for clues, you have to listen for them.

*Pick up your self-guided maps at 99 Gallery or join me for a group Treasure Hunt on Saturday, July 27, 2:30 – 3:00pm. Treasure Hunt starts in the gallery!