Challenge: Noise Challenge #5: The Senses |

By: Steven

For this new Challenge I wanted to look at people who have no sense or are insensitive and what sound they make.

I was struggling to find an image to present this sound, that was until I came across an anti-abortion protest in Edinburgh. I was on my way to a horror film festival and on the street outside some protesters took to holding banners at passing cars and pedestrians.

I found their statements and ignorance more horrific than the films I was going to watch. I feel pro-life activists have no sense and are insensitive and they made very little noise.

The girl in the image is young and looks ashamed at being photographed. She was obviously there on her parents instruction and did no speak as I took her photograph. The sense here is gone and in duplicating the image I feel that I have heightened the absurdity and presented an interpretation of the noise and sense of ignorance on show.

The sense which I felt at the time was rage. I believe the contrast in colours here present this as my sense of rage changed and heightened the more I looked at the banners and listened to their silence.


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