Río Piedras: behind the obvious pulse…

Challenge: Noise Challenge #1: The Pulse |

By: Ezequiel

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Central Avenue also know as Avenidad Barbosa, Rio Piedras Puerto Rico

Central Avenue also know as Avenidad Barbosa, Rio Piedras Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico.
You read it and, if you recognize it, you will think you know it….

San Juan, Puerto Rico.
You read those two words, and then you say, “I think I know it…”

Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.
Inside San Juan. By force perhaps. You might not know this. Or you may think you think you don’t know it.

Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Even the people that live here don’t know it.

In this tropical island everybody thinks they know, not knowing is what we know. (We still not know it yet!)

Then, how to capture the pulse of this city inside THE city?

The lure of gas in Puerto Rico is so strong I think people are growing motorcycles instead of legs….

Puerto Rico as a whole has been conquered by cars. They rule us. People will say we rule them, but keep in mind: we  don’t know.

Rio Piedras is no exception. So taking that pulse drives me (pun intended) to the obvious place. One of its main streets.

“I will capture then the pulse of our masters,” I said to myself. I walk then. I take my gear.

“I will record you, car.”  ”I will caputre you, motorcycle.” “Here I come, you gas-guzzling high-and-mighty ruler of our world…”

…but just a few feet away….

But then, when all seems lost, when the cacophobny reveals itself to be an actual twisted pulse….a reprieve I didn’t know of yet (or, perhaps this once, I always knew about it, but ignored it.)

Yes…it’s there, inside of it, somewhere, and if we listen closely we find  something we just don’t  know yet….

Something behind that obvious pulse….

Challenge 1: The Pulse- Río Piedras: behind the obvious pulse…