Challenge: Noise Challenge #1: The Pulse |

By: Salomeh

While the passage of time and person doesn’t mean much these days it does mean a lot in terms of outcome. How much do I pay attention to my surroundings? How and in what ways do I fill space? How much does my world view change as I shift and sift from place to place via public transportation? How much does it mean to smile to a stranger? To say hi? To say please and thank you even when I’m  having the shittiest day? Do I ignore more than I am attentive? What should I pay attention to? Have I become a product of soundbites and incomplete sentences? Or am I, along with you, reproducing and replicating ourselves as such? What would it mean to pay any more or less attention to the mundane? Could we not make the mundane somehow more profound through exercises like these?

I think we just did.