Challenge: Noise Challenge #6: The Eavesdropper |

By: Mike


This work examines the notion of eavesdropping. In the video I’m seen interviewing artist Wanda Koop for my TV program Artsync. Unlike interviews I’m involved with this one shot outside of the cameras used for the program. The gallerist used my iphone to eavesdrop on my conversation with Wanda. There are questions that must be asked when one eavesdrops on a conversation or situation. Is what I’m hearing in the context that is being possibly portrayed? In the case of my project the sound is almost incomprehensible. The conversation is echoed due to the vastness of the space as well as it is intimate in its projection. The situation, which is being observed, is also open to interpretation. The perception could be sketchy in its analysis. What is being discussed and who sits in those chairs and why is there a discussion going on?

I have to admit that a portion of my life is eavesdropped on. I host a television show so every time an interview is played the spectator takes on the role of voyeur and/or eavesdropper. They always assume through their own lists of empirical evidence of what maybe happening.

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