Nomadic Noise Residency

March – July

Project Overview

The Nomadic Noise Residency brings together a core group of 24 collaborators – artists, producers, designers, makers, urban innovators – for a five month noise residency in Toronto.

The residency runs from March – July 2013, culminating in an exhibition at 99 Gallery from July 26-27th.

The Core:

Labspace Studio
John Loerchner
Laura Mendes

Jacqui Arntfield
Emily DiCarlo
W.J Wilson

Madeleine Collective
Ladan Ali
Nicole Bazuin
Alexandra Hong
Cheryl Hsu

Denise St. Marie
Tim Walker

VSVSVS members:
James Gardner
Stephen McLeod
Miles Stemp

Stephanie Avery

Natasha Basacchi

Kyle Duffield & Daniele Hopkins

Aria Evans

Adam Herst

Jessie Jakumeit

Sheraz Khan

Scott Kobewka

Mark Laliberte

Andrew Shenkman

What’s the Nomadic Noise Residency?

The Nomadic Noise Residency aims to understand the role that noise, sound, and silence plays within the ecology of Toronto, through an ongoing series of experiential group investigations, urban sound adventures, field recordings, social interventions, hands-on workshops, and self-led artistic discoveries.

Together, participants will immerse themselves in noisy spaces and seek solitude in unlikely places, while working towards conceiving, developing and building their final projects.

Final projects will take a number of forms, including: site-specific installations, performances, sound-based works, web-projects, apps, interventions, research papers, etc.

Project dates?

The Nomadic Noise Residency runs from late March to late July 2013, culminating in a public exhibition in Toronto.

***All progress, research, insights and adventures will be shared right here on the Noise Project website, throughout the duration of the residency.***