Never Silent

Challenge: Noise Challenge #3: The Empty |

By: Mike


Never Silent

Never Silent examines empty spaces. I use the vinyl record to explore the noise that is evident in the empty spaces between the data captured on the disc. I see the end of the record as an empty space that brings a breath of air after the act of processing the data. This space is not empty sound still persists.

The act of accessing the data of the disc brings deterioration. The mechanisms that transcribe the information on the disc destroy the message every time it is retrieved. The fragility of the record is what brings forth its warmth. Warmth is not something that is related to empty space. This puts the vinyl record in a different light. The pops, ticks and scratches feed our memory of the data and strengthens our relationship to the information played back. The flaws brought forth through its access, to the data of the disc creates our relationship to the information. .

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