Mark Laliberte

Like a Switch Being Clicked

Mark LaliberteLike a Switch Being Clicked is a large-scale graphic wall work that explores noise and its internalized relationship with the body. It is a cartoon sound-effect sonogram, a violent visual sound-poem, a migraine made visible; the work reminds us that sounds express themselves inside the head — passing through the complex mechanism of the eardrum, the world can whisper to us or it can scream, depending on the mood of the meat.

Angry Black Bang Launch

Saturday, July 27th
1:00 – 2:00pm, 99 Gallery

On Saturday afternoon, Mark Laliberte will also launch Angry Black Bang, a 28-page risograph book where graphic design, sound poetry and experimental comics are jaggedly blended into a new hybrid literary form. In ABB, speech bubbles and thought clouds — the mechanisms used to express language in traditional comic narratives — are repurposed and reanimated, anthropomorphized in a series of violent, gestural page works.