Labspace Studio

Noise Intercepted

Noise Intercepted is a global noise challenge. The project connects over 200 registrants from across 30 countries. Over the course of four months (March – July 2013), challengers were sent (via text msg & email) a series of ten noise-activated challenges and creative prompts. These challenges provoked participants to listen, to observe and to interact with their urban soundscape in new and unlikely ways. Everyone was given exactly 1-week to respond to each challenge and to upload their findings. To view the entire project, visit

For this exhibition we’ve selected some outstanding work to showcase from the following Noise Intercepted artists:

Caroline Blais – Montréal, Canada
Damon Fairclough – Liverpool, UK
Elizabeth Gosse – Hamilton, Canada
Mike Hansen – Toronto, Canada
Benjamin Lin – Istanbul, Turkey
Tyler Sammy – Toronto, Canada
Timothy Smith – Ottawa, Canada
The Unstitute – London, UK

(Photo by Timothy Smith)