Challenge: Nomadic Residency Adventure #4 |

By: Kyle

This is the final project that’s going to be exhibited. I’m bringing in the expertise of Daniele Hopkins, as the idea is an amalgamation of concepts we’ve been working with, and discussions of thoughts that were generated through this residency (particularly surrounding the second sound adventure).

The piece is called Hive. Essentially, we’re building a sculptural hive of speakers using found and fabricated parts, which will have a pulsating, droning, but changing sound composition. The hive will have 6-7 channels of audio, each channel likely governing 3-4 speakers. The ultimate goal is to make it interactive, but some of the tracking logic is still being figured out (I’ve made some progress). The idea is that when people approach different sides it starts to affect the sound composition, creating the experience of an organism/instrument/speaker hybrid.

Being that it’s an unconventional speaker design, we’ll be documenting our process as we go along at As such, things are subject to change during the development of this project.


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