First challenge, many answers

Challenge: Noise Challenge #1: The Pulse |

By: Ana


When I read the challenge, I thought immediately about the Berliner public transport system. Sounds, time schedule, circulation… And then I thought of one duality I feel here: Berlin is a world city, but Berlin has many “Kieze” – a German word for neighborhoods. I´ve lived in many cities, but, to me, not all of them show this interesting and multiple capacity to be one and various.

I thought then about the cable car, which runs on my street. That is the transport I take to go outside from my “Kiez”, for studying, working, or going out. Whenever it passes by, one can guess what time it is. Not only is it predictable, but it is also quite oft the unique sound one listens to in this area. To me, its sound is what brings me back to the fact I am in a big city.

So, I decided for a sound that is part of the city, but, on the other hand, it means to me a way to be part of its heartbeat. I filmed during the last week, which, by the way, has got quite a temperature change (When spring arrives, after all?). It is possible to realize life in the neighborhood presents a different path than at a central and busy area. And at last, I would like to comment briefly another post from this project, from Alan Gleeson. It is so interesting we chose incidentally two different approaches! To me, it means this city shows up its several layers to all of us. Maybe it is only a matter of listening to it…