Dancing in the Rain

Challenge: Noise Challenge #10: The End |

By: Mike

Dancing in the Rain  (The Noise Project #10)

Being asked to make noise is normally not a problem, but I felt challenged by this request. I was leaving my studio and my home to visit my summerhouse in Newfoundland to open it for the summer. I didn’t have regular equipment so I thought I would have to pass on this challenge.

I was in bed at my summer home in Kingman’s Newfoundland, when the rain began. I raced out of bed and put a drum out on my porch. Yes, I have a drum here, a floor tom. Of course by the time I got out of bed and dug out the drum the rain had almost stopped. There was a plethora of drips coming from the roof of the house. The sound on the drum proved to be very random. I decided to video tape the drips bouncing off the drum.

Being here alone, my partner couldn’t make it with me. Also the trip was labour based, repairs needed to get my 100 year old home up and running. I was missing her and I had a video of her dancing on my computer. An idea flowed from this stock of imagery. Using a ghostly image of her along with the beating of the drum and the pixelization of the rain brought forth the dream of noise.


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