the clouds, the mountains and the Jesse

There is nothing so reminiscent of the heart beat of this west coast city. as the constant sound, or expectation of sound…

of a crow call or the rainfall.

with out the flow of rain, and the flight of crows every day.  what would this place be? just another hollow cement jungle.

that rain and those crows keep pulsing through the streets. curving and dripping like fast moving blood through the life lines of the city.

a beginningby: Robin

Labspace Studio have gathered “200 collaborators, spanning 25 different countries” for this little listening experiment, and I am happy to be one, happy to give up some semblance of control and follow their lead. How to prepare? Well, simply by getting my little WordPress home in order and then going about my usual business…

Let’s see where this leads us over the next weeks. Exciting times ahead!