The Curvy Guitar: Challenge #3: The Emptyby: Amy

The curvy mahogany acoustic guitar.

I don’t know how to play the sweet lady yet.

Her curves beckon me to a tune.

And the sleeky sexy strings flirt with me.

This fiery beautiful musical woman without a name.

I can think of a dozen songs to play:

Paranoid Android
Anything by Bob Dylan
Some Velvet Underground signature strumming
Something I create about leaving home.

Met with frustration.

Challenged by discipline.

Faced with an empty space, she calls.

A tease.

In time. In time. Patience.

The music remains in my thoughts.

The silence of an empty space.

Push on. One moment. One sound.

by: Morten

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A Roller Skating Jam named “Mondays”. . .by: Jennifer

The apartment below me is temporarily empty. . .just until May 1st.  This morning, as the sun rose and my family slept, I brought my puma rollerskates down from the attic and out of retirement.  I glided from room to room in the early morning glow, vibing on the sound of wheels on wood echoing off the high ceilings, the groaning and squeaking of the floorboards, and the sound of my favorite rollerskating jams replaying in my head from the days when the roller rinks had polished wood floors and names like Roller City 2001. . .”White Lines” by Grandmaster Flash, “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa, and of course. . .”A Roller Skating Jam named ‘Saturdays’” by De La Soul. . .


Listen to a slice of my early morning skating session here

De La Soul. . .”A Roller Skating Jam Named ‘Saturdays’”

Staircases are Built to Be Emptyby: Mari


Many folks have created/written about empty hallways and stairwells in their studio buildings. I am happy to add my voice to the collective of solitary-hidden-away-creative-spaces. The stairwell in my old studio building is often neglected in favor of the elevator, yet it is a beautiful space. It’s heavy stone steps echo like a series of gongs under my noisy shoes. As I descend to the street, my presence follows me like a bright trail in the neutral air.

The Empty Gate Houseby: Richard

Almost every day I walk past – or through – an empty space without thinking twice about it. The gatehouse of Lewes Castle, the barbican, is a place where nothing happens. There are rooms inside it, and people pass through with their buggies, their shopping, their dogs, but nothing much happens in the space itself, and it’s no longer a gateway, just an imposing and slightly out of place thoroughfare. I repopulated it briefly with some music, a Galliard by Francis Cutting.

Drive to the storeby: Lia

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Alone in the car, I drive to the store. The car is a quantum place, both public and private, empty and full. On drives to familiar places I normally play the radio. This time I recorded the silence and noticed the sounds filling the  cabin.

drive to the store

My search for company and a welcome distractionby: Kathryn

Driving alone at night, especially when the road is vacant, can be a lonely time. On my 1.5 hour commute, I recorded my search for company and a welcome distraction. Enjoy the empty car.

Imprintby: Andrea

imprint on the empty

Noise Challenge #3: The Emptyby: Elizabeth

This week spend some time exploring an “empty” space (or place), manufactured or natural. Consider the creative potential of this space… its acoustics, its untold story, its emotional content. You have 1 week to find an “empty” space and change it, transform it, or influence it, through your physical interactions.

What empty space could I possibly find?
I have a hectic schedule that is full of work, people, places to go, things to do, there is no emptiness in my life. There is no empty space.
Where in the city of Hamilton is there an empty space for me to observe, interact with, and transform it?

I realized as I was walking our dog down 12 flights of stairs every morning, there is a mostly underutilized space, that is more often than now, empty.

The staircase, 182 steps, echos. You can often hear people in the hallway talking as you pass the doors on the way down.

How can I transform this space? I sit on the stairs and listen for awhile. Sometimes you can hear the door open, someone is throwing garbage down the chute, sometimes they are walking down the stairs.

Again, how can I transform this empty space? Leave a message for someone to receive. On every door on the way down from level 12 to 1, there is a message taped to the door. This is for someone to discover, to learn, to be inspired, to smile, to then interact with this empty space in a new and compelling way.

Backroadsby: Allie

We can call these streets empty
only because they haven’t been filled yet

The trees root the ground with nervous fervour
and the birds sing “God Save Our Queen”

Water mains burble and power lines hum
these are the ghosts of things yet to come

the abandoned webcamby: charles

the abandoned webcam
leaving only pixelated lights
and distant sounds
to perform

Dancing aloneby: Soeine

Dancing alone in an empty studio. I took “through your physical interactions” literally.

Improvisation 3

Noise challenge three “the Empty”by: Thendara

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empty space, i am in the bin, help!

empty space, i am in the bin, help!

Empty makes a lot of room for Chaosby: Caroline

The emptiest place I go through on a regular basis is the hallway leading to my studio. It’s in a massive post-industrial building, where all kinds of companies have their office in loft spaces. The hallway is all concrete, dusty, painted with a dull peach colour and neon lit. Following the corridor seems like a long walk to nowhere, all the stories look the same. Sometimes, you can hear a glimpse of what’s happening on the other side of closed doors; sewing machines, african dance class, power tools.

I felt like bringing a little chaos into that empty space. Today, I brought a box full of ping pong balls. I opened the cardboard box, looked at the 200 white plastic balls inside, took a deep breath and in a large gesture, I threw the box’s content towards the high ceiling. The beauty of this suspended moment was only exceeded by the sound the balls made touching the ceiling, then the walls, then the floor and bouncing for a little while. Each sound emitted by a ball touching a surface was then echoed and delayed by the nature of the empty space, multiplied by 200 balls and by many bounces. The chaos was absolutely beautiful.

The house beside my houseby: Alex

Beside my house was a house. I think a small family that smoked pot fairly often used to live in it. It was already For Sale when my roommates and I moved in the summer before last, and it stayed For Sale until someone bought it and knocked it down. Here is the Google Street View picture of the house.

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Challenge#3: ghostsby: Agnieszka

In a week or so, this space will start dissolving in the past, loosing shape to gain a MODERN one. Since 2010 it’s been waking up for maximum three days a year to host a new media art exhibition. I needed to record its predominant shadowy status for posterity and say goodbuy to three editions of stress and euphoria. I brought ghosts with me to fill the empty tiles, leftovers of captions and the paint peeling off the floor.

The Emptyby: Jennifer

As the sun sets in the west, light floods through a small window in this empty barn. The horses are out to pasture. Stall doors stand open, awaiting their occupants.  No sound or movement interrupts the stillness, until human hands force their closure. The ominous clang of metal finding purchase as it collides with its housing is my contribution.