Casting key strokes: a writer attempts to make some noise

Challenge: Noise Challenge #10: The End |

By: Damon

This is it: my final submission to the Noise Intercepted project.

This week’s challenge was something of a call to arms: “go out there and raise hell!” was the command, although it wasn’t expressed in quite those terms. These are the precise words they used:

“To ceremoniously close this four-month long noise project, we’re challenging you to let go of your inhibitions and make some noise. Follow these instructions: pick a public place, any place. When the time is right, take the opportunity to make some noise. You can scream at the top of your lungs; make a public installation; start an impromptu performance. You can do whatever you want to do, but do it with conviction. Make a lasting impression. Make it count. Make it worthwhile. You have one week to make some NOISE of your own.”

And here is my result – twenty minutes of clatter and chat documenting a Sunday morning spent typing in a park. With an actual typewriter you understand, from the old days. One that makes a hell of a racket every time you press a key.

As I said, it’s twenty minutes long, so maybe it’s only for the hardcore. But it features an extended riff on the keyboard’s lack of exclamation mark, along with an exciting dog incident.

So put down your touch screens and your tablets; hold fast your gestures and your swipes. It’s time to get physical with an inky ribbon and some purple-tinged, punched-out prose…

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