Bloom Mike Hansen

Challenge: Featured, Noise Challenge #5: The Senses |

By: Mike


Bloom (Senses Challenge) Mike Hansen

This synesthetic challenge allowed me to echo the spirit of Kandinsky. Kandinsky’s paintings were coloured filled expressions of the sound around him.  His synesthesia rendered him the capacity to see sound and hear colour. In this project I used the markers of spring, the melting snow and the blossoming of the flower. I feel spring is alive in colour and the Winter Aconite is nature’s early signifier of this joyous season.

I have processed a time-lapse video of the Winter Aconite, moving it into the abstract, may I say a Kandinsky approach to representation. I then appropriated Vivaldi’s “Spring” from the Four Seasons, slowed it down, sampled and processed it, through turntabling, to represent the spring I have experienced this year in Toronto. Bloom is a representation of the 2013’s painfully slow process of nature’s evolution from winter.

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