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Toronto, Canada


Our practice is a result of examining public and private space, where we attempt to challange the assumptions which frame our current communally lived experience. TIMEANDDESIRE is a pseudonym for work created independently and collaboratively by Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker.  

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Headphones ProjectNomadic Residency Adventure #4

[The following is a series of messy thoughts, mock-ups, photos and ideas-in-progress for a collaboration between TIMEANDDESIRE & Labspace Studio.]

urban noise/ white noise/ auditory information/ private vs. public

Some concepts/questions we discussed in previous meetings…
-Is eavesdropping a byproduct of living in a city?
-Is the act of eavesdropping subversive?
-What constitutes public & private auditory information?
-Do people take for granted their “auditory” footprint?
-Do snippets of conversations intrigue, disgruntle or amuse the passers by?
-When is the utterances of what we say— for us, for our friends in conversation, or to be intentionally overheard?

(How do we manifest this project, both site-specifically and in a gallery context?)

-Fabricate covert eavesdropping headphones to record external auditory information
-Visit various sites in the Queen West Triangle and use these covert tools to collect auditory data
-Re-frame this data in installation form in a gallery context

Tools to build headphone prototypes…
Old headphones, lapel mics, screw gun, audio adapters, audio software

Ideas for gallery installation…
(POD idea)
Free-standing structure divided into four sections
-4 separate immersive environments w/ directional speaker
-each section mimics an eavesdropping location in the QW area (i.e. park, restaurant, dentist office, etc)

(Sound booth idea w/ interactive headphones)
-Distribute eavesdropping headphones at gallery for people to use and collect data on site
-Stream data from sound booth

Where we’re at…

We’re currently working through all our above ideas. As it stands, we have two functioning headphones. We’ll be collecting our preliminary data/ covertly eavesdropping this Saturday.

Stay tuned for the results…







Utterances and EchoesNomadic Residency Adventure #2

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For the 2nd Noise Adventure we stayed at Union Station to investigate the possible sound interventions that could arise in such a place.

We noticed the effects of echoing footsteps in the space first and foremost.

noise adventure 02

We brainstormed various possible off shoots and approaches.

Ideas ranged from observations of:

-Directions / verbal
-Transitory space
-Large wall space and projection opportunities
-Contrast to sounds and vocal exchange patterns


One idea that we think would be interesting to investigate further is the use of objects in the space to create sound and possible spontaneous interaction.

The dropping of coins in close proximity to a passer by… could create an echo and audio experience that would gain attention. But we are also interested in the audio exchange of those in the space willing to assist in picking up the ‘coins’ or other said objects… and recording these exchanges or lack there of…

Would you hear the footsteps of a passer by slow or hasten as they wish not to play a part … or continue on their path…? What would the exchanges be in different possibly stagings…. as you dropped keys… or a ceramic figurine… stack of papers… tumbling oranges out of a paper bag…

The interest here is the contrast between the sounds of the object in this social sound experiment; in particular that which provokes vocal utterances*… and minor uncertain and possible auditory exchanges….

*Utterance: “In spoken language analysis an utterance is a smallest unit of speech. In the case of oral languages, it is generally but not always bounded by silence. It can be represented and delineated in written language in many ways. Note that in such areas of research utterances do not exist in written language, only their representations do.” – from Wikipedia (


The Beginnings…Nomadic Residency Adventure #1

green and yellow flowing from concrete

Electrical currents stimulate the stream…

The concrete sound of car doors … soft rubber turns in circles slowly…

hissing to come in… I floated in sound smoke, soft muting pillows of forget…

Plastic against brick and pipe created crisp treble…
Imaging slick drips, ticking in the yellow…

almost inaudible… she shushed me…

…It’s text truth