Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Susan Timmins - Artist


Bridge-End, Burra Isle, Shetland , UK

Why do I want to participate?

I am entranced by sound.  Sound is memory, comfort, danger.   Sound is exhilarating, exasperating.  I use sound in my work but normally in conjunction with moving images.  This project will obligate me to focus solely on sound ... maybe even roll around in it!



HUBBUB IN THE LANES, LERWICK, 2nd JULY 2013Noise Challenge #10: The End





I enlisted the help of my partner, Davy for this challenge.   We rolled small, plastic balls down some of the steep Lanes in Lerwick.  Noisy!  Erratic!  I didn’t always manage to catch them at the bottom.  They shot into Commercial Street.  I gave chase.  People were bemused.   Great fun.  Great end to the project.



























INCH by INCHNoise Challenge #9: The Free For All


No time, absolutely no time for Challenge 9!

Play.  Installation.  Sound piece.  Dress rehearsal Thursday.  Performances Friday and Saturday.  All for a cause.  For MAG.

The invitation states:

INCH by INCH, a collaborative work we’ve created  to highlight the effects of landmines and other unexploded ordnance on civilian populations.  It is a fundraising event for MAG, (Mines Advisory Group), the humanitarian organisation that tackles the destructive legacy of violence and conflict.

No time, absolutely no time for Challenge 9!





THE RHYTHM OF THE CUESNoise Challenge #7: The Cues















21st MAY 2013 – 8:00am to 8:25am

There are three sound cues that pull me into the day.  The school bus: ease, pause, accelerate.  The pig’s feed: scoop, rattle.  The stove: rake, ring, thunk.  Each has a definite rhythm which I hadn’t been aware of before.  When reduced, replicated and spaced, the rhythm of the cues became discernible.

(Cue sadness: as of yesterday the school bus no longer stops here.)





EAST BURRA, SHETLAND, 24th APRIL 2013Noise Challenge #5: The Senses

The gale of two days ended but the sea continued to boom and roar. As it does after a gale.   Its voice – aeons old –  rises to fill the sky. I feel the comfort and the threat of being wrapped around by sea. I feel my mortality.

The recording was done on our doorstep. I amplified it and played around with it, searching for what I hear and feel when the sea is shouting.  Nothing was added but somehow “voices” have made their way into the piece.  The sea, speaking for itself.



“DOOP-DEE-DOO”, LERWICK, 17th APRIL 2013Noise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

 My choice of music was Belleville Rendez-Vous, (written by Benoit Charest and sung by Matthieu Chedid), from the 2003 animated film, Les Triplettes de Belleville directed by Sylvain Chomet.  I started listening on the bus into Lerwick.  I managed to stifle the urge to sing and dance – very badly – up and down the aisle.

“The Malakoff” was my first stop where I purchased one galvanised nail, one copper nail and one stainless steel eye bolt.  My intention was to tap along to this wonderful, swinging music.  I started tapping at Mareel and kept going right around Hay’s Dock and back to the Museum.  I tapped on metal poles, chains and fences, on wood, on stone, on a stack of bricks and a bulging tarpaulin. In my heart I hoped that all this (inexpert) tapping would conjure up the Belleville Triplets but sadly, it didnʼt.  I returned home with a mess of sounds. My piece is the best of the mess in a stack of tracks – a sporadically rhythmic, cheerful cacophony, (on a day when there was reason to be cheerful).