Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Stephanie Shacter - Freelance New Media Journalist


Naperville, USA

Why do I want to participate?

I love the challenge of being creative, and sometimes I need a little push to get inspired and start projects. I'm really excited to see what I can make out of this.



The pulse of Naperville, IL, a small suburb outside of ChicagoNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

I’m a Floridian, new to the Midwest, and I moved during a time of hibernation. The cold makes the already quiet city of Naperville even quieter. Finding a pulse was difficult; near impossible. You’d think the city dead. I contemplated finding the pulse through photography or sound clips, but my inspiration was as hidden as this city’s heartbeat. As I slowly joined the hibernation, I found a subtle pulse. The bare trees lining the roads added a rhythm to my drives. The ebb and flow of supermarket traffic was proof of life in this quiet city. The silence even started having a pulse, possibly just my ears being tricked by the ticking of the kitchen clock. And although I couldn’t come up with something loud or visual to speak to your senses, I still feel content with this first challenge because I am more at home in Naperville now than I was a week ago.