Nomadic Noise Residency Collaborators

Stephen McLeod - Artist


Toronto, Canada


I don't like writing about my work.  I always feel a bit like I'm playing a practical joke on myself.  I never get the sense that the words I'm writing really mean what I think they mean.  Maybe this is what attracts me to noise.  When I listen to noise, the world feels simplified, as if all the information in it has been compressed, so that meaning and intention merge in some imperfect approximation - somehow closer to the truth.  (whatever that is)  At any moment I could focus my senses on something discreet and seek order in the chaos, but instead I choose to listen to everything, my eyes focused inches in front of me and my ears straining in futility to pick up the echoes of some distant star going supernova.  There was supposed to be a point to all this, but I'll be damned if I know it.

F: V S V S V S

Website: http://smcleod

Twitter: @VS_VS_VS



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