Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Siobhan McKissic - Artist/Musician


Chicago, USA

Why do I want to participate?

As a musician, I'm constantly interested in the body's physical and neurological response to sound. I'm always interested in how we use sound, produce it, ignore it, and filter it. But mostly importantly, I'm interested in all the sounds we inadvertently miss while going about the day. This looks like fun. Is that a reason for participation?



Noise Challenge #1: The PulseNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

This is essential a recording of traffic/travel. I took some liberties in attempting to express what it is like to travel through the city and I will admit the recording is much eerier than intended. The words I am saying are, “I can’t believe I missed my train. I don’t want to miss my train” but feel free to add whatever narrative you choose.