Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Simonluca Laitempergher - Composer


Bologna, Italy

Why do I want to participate?

I was born in a little town in northern Italy. After starting as a self-taught musician, focusing mainly on electronic and electroacustic music, I graduated in musicology at the University of Bologna and attended composition classes at the conservatory G. B. Martini in Bologna, where I am currently based. My personal music research dwells on sound perceived as an “organic matter” and lays emphasis on its material dimension, stressing the expressive potentiality of its core features: weight, roughness, size, volume, color, vibration and context. My chief aim is to set the expressive strength of sounds free, investigating the origin of their properties. My works range from personal research projects to collaborations with artists operating in the field of video art, ballet and theater.

Twitter: @slucanet



Bologna, taking city noise to the next levelNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse


In Bologna, many people use the bicycle as means of transportation. But as in many italian cities, there are no cycling lanes and the city amministration doesn’t really care about the needs of cyclists. Every day cyclists try to survive cars, taxis, motor-scooters and buses. And that is without speaking of the the underhand traps of a neglected pavement and the suicidal tendencies of pedestrians and pigeons.

Despite it all, the bicycle remains the ideal means of transportation to dive in the city soundscape: it is light, silent, versatile. You can go everywhere with it. Many layers of sounds offer themselves to the ear of the cyclist: the whistling of the wind, the tinkling of the mechanical parts of the bike, the rumble of engines, the voices of the pedestrians, the noise of construction sites and the humming of passing airplanes.

Here is my journey through the soundscape of Bologna in search of it musical meaning, the pulse and the expressiveness of its layers. I will attempt to translate the ensemble of loud and rather annoying city noises, to which we have become almost deaf, into an explicit form. From its chaos will rise before you a meaning.