Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Steven Fraser - Designer


Edinburgh, Scotland

Why do I want to participate?

I want to challenge myself artistically and try new projects. I am interested in different aspects of art and I would to express myself through the noise challenges and create something new and exciting.

Twitter: @stevenfraser111



DOODLENoise Challenge #10: The End

For the end I have created a doodle. I made some noise and picked up my pen and this is what I came up with. I don;t know what this says about me, but I think it says something about the noise I made. I see it as a very short poem.


BrainNoise Challenge #9: The Free For All

For this challenge I didn’t want to use photography, but wanted to illustrate an image. The city I live in can be quiet. I took a walk down a fairly busy street one warm eveing and developed a response.

EYESNoise Challenge #8: The Portrait

For my portrait I look at what I would sound like. I believe my image would not look like myself but be an abstract representation. This is what I came up with.


RED/GREENNoise Challenge #7: The Cues

For this week I went out to the street and listened to cues and signals. As I live in a city the sound of traffic and pedestrian crossings were apparent. I heard the sound of the ‘Green Man’ bleeping away to inform pedestrians that they could cross the road. The ‘Red Man’ on the other hand has no sound at all.
I was influenced by this and have devised an illustration that focuses on the face of the Red and Green man as they meet each other. Here we visually observe the Green and Red Man with their full bodies. I have taken the fact that the Cue to cross the road is loud and created the images by focusing on their faces. This has enlarged the Green and Red Man and brought emphasis on the loud noise that the pedestrian will hear.

STUPIDNoise Challenge #6: The Eavesdropper

For the challenge this week I took the task literally and overheard some people talking. I wanted to work with text again and decided to incorporate a quote within my work. I decided to experiment with pixel art here and create an engaging image that utilises the quote as an influence. I figured eavesdropping was a fairly old school thing to do and pixel art in itself is definitely old school.


SHAMENoise Challenge #5: The Senses

For this new Challenge I wanted to look at people who have no sense or are insensitive and what sound they make.

I was struggling to find an image to present this sound, that was until I came across an anti-abortion protest in Edinburgh. I was on my way to a horror film festival and on the street outside some protesters took to holding banners at passing cars and pedestrians.

I found their statements and ignorance more horrific than the films I was going to watch. I feel pro-life activists have no sense and are insensitive and they made very little noise.

The girl in the image is young and looks ashamed at being photographed. She was obviously there on her parents instruction and did no speak as I took her photograph. The sense here is gone and in duplicating the image I feel that I have heightened the absurdity and presented an interpretation of the noise and sense of ignorance on show.

The sense which I felt at the time was rage. I believe the contrast in colours here present this as my sense of rage changed and heightened the more I looked at the banners and listened to their silence.


WALLSFeatured&Noise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

For this week I listened to the song – Make Me Stop by Yahweh.
I wanted to show the repetition, but also the pattern of the song. I concluded the best method to express this was via photography.

I also wanted to express the texture of the song and the layers of the different soundscapes. I saw this interesting wall in my travels and thought that i t could be repeated easily, thus showing the repetition of the song. In closer look the wall has many textures and patterns which also expresses what I wanted to present with this week’s task.


REACHNoise Challenge #3: The Empty

For my submission for Challenge 3 I wanted to find an empty physical space that I could hold and manipulate. I wanted to steer away from Photography this week and concentrate on changing the space via illustration. The best example of an empty space I could find was a blank page. Here I manipulated the white, blank space by drawing hands that are desperately reaching out to fill the space and change it through touch and interaction.

CrashNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

I spent some time listening to the small things. I took a walk around a few parks where I live, but found the best examples were in my flat. I felt compelled to tell a really brief story using a comic book and a combination of poetry. The comic is only two pages and shows what I heard – I never smashed the bug – I would never do that. I did find some bugs in my flat though. The poem is not so much a reaction to the visuals (which I illustrated first), but an antagonist within the comic.

The text of the poem reads:


If only you hadn’t got on his nerves

You could have been putting your neck out.


But now it is crushed under a finger

While the smashed mirror echoes your past lives.


Comic Book

Crash – Comic Book

Traffic PeopleNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

I live in Edinburgh which is the Capital city of Scotland. Although fairly small it is a busy city and the history is apparent in the buildings and architecture. Edinburgh also has a great literary history which was part of the inspiration of my work. In my artwork I like to combine text and imagery. Influenced by the rush hour hustle of Edinburgh and its great history in literature I have created a photograph montage that combines imagery and text. The sounds of the city included overheard conversations and traffic.


Noise Challenge 1 – Steven Fraser