Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Rocio Graham - Visual Artist


Calgary, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

This project about noise is connected to the development and altering of the landscape. How we change the landscape alters the noise levels which also changes how we operate and negotiate ourselves in public spaces. I'm interested on exploring the effects of noise in our lives.



The visuals of spring soundsNoise Challenge #5: The Senses

On a walk by  a lake in BC I could hear so many birds, the craking of the dry leaves from last fall, the rolling of the water by the creek, bikes on the trail and the chainsaws from the construction frentzy that happens in spring in Canada. The same way the birds come back after a quiet winter  contractors also return . 

The new children’s worldNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

Drops of water can be insignificant but they amount to an ocean. The same way little noises; the sound of our walk, our breath,the noises of instruments, drops of balls, cries of children, laughter, talk, crushing rocks, computer noises, light noises all amounts to a deafening ocean of noise chaos.

It takes intentional attention to discover those little noises from the vast ocean of noise. Every time I attempted to singular a little noise others would creep in diluting and mixing with other noises. I decided not to fight this attempt but rather embrace it. I recorded a minute in my children’s day ( at the science world) and I noted the vast amount of noise they are exposed to in their urban daily lives. It did not matter where I attempted to record a minute of noise, the library, the zoo, the playground, the rec centre, the noises always escalated to a deafening levels. My children and I have grown used to this and have developed an amazing capacity for blocking and numbing as a response to this ocean of noise. This exercise was a way to come back and be aware of what surrounds me and my children.