Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Nancy Brandsma - Artist, self-employed, multiprojects


Ottawa, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

I am a multi-media oil painter and I am always looking for new creative ideas to translate on canvas. I love exploring color and textures and the abstract concept of noise is something we are surrounded by everyday but are often totally oblivious to it.....tuning in on this with your email prompts will be fun and challenging. I love the idea of this very creative projects.   BIOGRAPHY: Nancy Brandsma was born in Montreal, Québec in 1975 and currently lives in Ottawa. She has exhibited her work in various Ontario events including the Franco-Ontarien festival, Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012, and many local outdoor festivals and local galleries such as: Théatre la Nouvelle Scène, Centrepoint Gallery, Sportsplex Gallery, Ottawa School of Art Gallery and AWOL Gallery and on her website: She is a member of BRAVO the French artist group who launched the very first Nuit Blanche in Ottawa. She was the curator and organizer for the Frenchkiss(er) and Palindrome II exhibit for BRAVO-Est members during Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012.  She currently teaches art at two local senior’s residence and continues to be involved in the local artist community.   ARTIST STATEMENT: She is currently working on a series of painting depicting women’s daily struggle with stress and its negative impact on their health and surrounding by means of vivid colors and a study of textures. This series permit her to put, so to speak, her private journal on canvas and delve into her own struggle with life’s stresses and anxieties. Color is of foremost importance to her as it can awaken and incite to action any viewer, its power is really without equal. By revealing her inner self through her work she searches to reveal what is on the mind of the viewers – what are you thinking about?



Social Media = Old Fashion GossipNoise Challenge #6: The Eavesdropper

Nancy Brandsma (2013)
Oil on canvas
30″ x 24″

Social Media = Old fashion gossiping,

Now out loud,

Out in the open for everyone to hear,

No longer a discreet murmur in a friends ear,

It permeates my brain through my eyes and ears,

To permanently break friendships,

Hurt self-esteem,

And kill trust.

“In memory of Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012″Noise Challenge #1: The Pulse

Ottawa – what a great city! It’s clean, friendly, safe,  interesting, quiet  and conservative, just look at  our main highway, the 417, it’s straight simple and uncomplicated. We have government drone walking everyday from from 7-9 every morning and from 3-5 every evening to and from government building to bus stations to home with their business suits and messenger bags with expressionless faces, like a bunch of robots! Ottawa also has a night life, oh yes, lot’s of bars and discos and restaurants and people walking around the  ByWard Market every evening of the week. Not that I am a big night life enthusiast, but I will tell you that if anyone comes from any big city in the world, Ottawa will seem pretty dull for its night life!  Ottawa also has the Rideau Canal, the largest skating rink in the world, with its 40 some days of skating every years, its Winterlude festival and the famous Beaver Tail pastry – Winterlude welcomes thousands of people from around the world! But none of this is the PULSE of Ottawa!

Photo taken on January 15, 2013 on Mackenzie King Bridge, Ottawa
Nancy Brandsma, 2013, “In memory of Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012”, Oil and wax on canvas, 30 x 30, $600

I thought long and hard all week about what the pulse of Ottawa could possibly be and initially, I was going to do a project with young children in my community because they are at the heart of this city like all cities but time did not permit me to make this idea come to life. All along, I kept thinking about Ottawa’s artist community and the more I thought about it the more I realized that the artists themselves are Ottawa’s PULSE! Many of them work in governments building during the day, at bars and restaurants at night, on the Rideau Canal in the winter and at local daycare’s and seniors residents homes – really they can be found everywhere and from all walks of life – often unnoticed. They work during the day and practice their art at night or on the weekend. A lot of this talent often stays in the closet so to speak – well all changed last September (2012) when Ottawa had its first ever Nuit Blanche – no it was not like New York or Paris but neither did it have to be, it was Ottawa’s and it was good! BRAVO and BRAVO-Est a small French artist group in Ottawa was behind this immense project and it initially had many critics. The critics were quickly silenced after the event when Ottawa came alive with over 30 000 visitors! The newspapers were full of positive comments like “on Saturday, any doubts were crushed beneath the feet of many small elephants.” by Peter Simpson of the Ottawa Citizen and “Nuit Blanche finally wakes up in Ottawa” (“Finie la grasse matinée. La Nuit Blanche s’éveille enfin à Ottawa !”) by Maud Cucchi from Le Droit. Nuit Blanche was a success and Nuit Blanche 2013 is already in the works. It became evident that artists here never “sleep” so to speak, in Ottawa. They came out of the closet and showed everyone how strong their PULSE really is! So for this first noise challenge I declare Ottawa Artist’s as Ottawa’s PULSE.

Above is a painting that I have created of the very region where the first ever Nuit Blanche took place in Ottawa’s ByWard Market. I have to admit this painting was not created during the week of this challenge but was done in January 2013 on a very cold day (-25 or more degrees!) from Mackenzie King Bridge. I was there because there was a call to artist to go and paint together outdoors in the cold Ottawa weather – proof that Ottawa Artists have a good strong and warm pulse!