Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Nikita Alagappa - Art Insturctor


Ottawa, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

To explore.



Noise Challenge # 6: The EavesdropperNoise Challenge #6: The Eavesdropper&Uncategorized

On the bus, listening to the usual sounds of traffic, conversations, music from within headphones, etc. These sounds are ordinary and your body doesn’t respond to them because you hardly hear them. It’s become white noise. The extraordinary happens though. It did happen. It wasn’t a conversation between two or three people. No. It was a monologue. The language was unknown to me. But the tone of frustration and pain wasn’t. Listening in on this conversation was not eavesdropping but it was like intruding on something very personal. Listening to this one person conversation was, to put it simple, awkward. It is uncomfortable when something out of the ordinary happens. That is because you are not accustomed to respond to such events. They don’t happen everyday. And your body doesn’t know how to react. Your mind doesn’t know what to do. All it wants is to escape to a place it knows. To sounds that are familiar. Away from the unfamiliar.

Noise challenge # 5: SensesNoise Challenge #5: The Senses&Uncategorized

Sounds remind

You of familiar sounds

Of past experiences.

The swoosh of the broom

Can be the sand blowing

Or the stroke of a large paintbrush, maybe.

The texture can be the grains of sand

Or salt.

The scratching sounds

Familiar to the eerie sensation of blackboards being scratched

Or familiar to the heavy sensation of feet dragging against the pavement.

Do sounds have a texture, a flavour or a scent?

Or do memories awake the senses?