Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Meghan Owen - Reiki Practitioner/ Sales Associate/ Freelance Writer and Artist


Chicago, USA

Why do I want to participate?

I'm constantly making art for myself to try and understand the environment that I live in, for an outlet, for ars poetica, for science. I think your prompts will lead me to some valuable discoveries. Plus, any excuse to create something is good enough for me.



Noise Challenge #1: In Which I Search For A Literal Heartbeat And Find A Poem And A PortraitNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

I found myself searching for the pulse of Chicago, not in places, but in people. There’s a certain common rhythm you can find in the residents if you listen hard enough. It’s a gritty-looking sound, like gravel or factory smoke but it also is a glamorous sound that comes to a point like the geometric shapes of art-deco. A Chicagoan heart beat is tattooed, bleeds red like raw steak and speaks many languages. Because of this, I drew a self-portrait to show the heart beat of Chicago pumping through me [Well, a varient of me. I'm adopting a Lady Britannica sort of angle]. The style of the piece  is inspired by classic tattoo art and mexican memorial portraits. The roses near my head in the piece, are symbolic of the sound that is bursting through me. The media is ink and watercolor on parchment.

I have also written poem to the rhythm of this heartbeat. It’s best when read aloud, so you can find the cadence of the city I’m trying my best to describe.

As I Stand With Stethoscope Over the Second City 
  [By: M.E. Owen]

Chicago’s heartbeat is a cacophony

becomes audible through me

it moves to the tune of a near three million

crashing it’s cymbals while singing sweetly.


Chicago’s heartbeat isnt in the chest

it’s in the shoulders.

It’s in the screaming motors

of the factories and memories and street-bound high-rollers.


Chicago’s heartbeat is pumping out ink

onto paper onto pavement

onto skins

of cliff-dwellers and those painting concrete.


Chicago’s heartbeat is vast

it shakes the water and the land

it connects the coasts with its sonic hands

yet still becomes the bass-drum-thrum


to accompany your lone singing

on the ashes of avenues still gleaming.