Nomadic Noise Residency Collaborators

Mark Laliberte - artist / listener / gentle extremist


Toronto, Canada


MARK LALIBERTE is a Toronto-based artist/curator/designer/soundmaker, who knows how to splice a tape-loop in complete darkness. He is the editor of the eclectic hybrid-lit journal, CAROUSEL, and is a founding member of the new media collective Thinkbox. Laliberte has an MFA from the University of Guelph; he has exhibited and performed extensively in galleries and festivals (Mutek, The Vancouver New Music Festival to name a few) across Canada and the USA. "Archive: 1996-2007", a 40-page catalogue documenting over a decade of Thinkbox sound experiments, video installations and performances was published by the Art Gallery of Windsor in 2008.



NNR03ML: Four Sonic AlterationsNomadic Residency Adventure #3

1) Speaker Stump
2) F/F (Fast Forward)
3) Blue-Ringed Pipe/Mouth
4) Rooted Extension Cord

NNR01ML: CitiesSpiralsSirens (1m42s)Nomadic Residency Adventure #1

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You can’t walk anywhere in a big city without eventually hearing sirens, even on a sunny day.

This recording occurred hastily into as I noticed the siren coming towards me, the mini-recorder still in my pocket. I clicked it on, and kept moving. The noise pattern cutting into the siren’s scream was unexpectedly introduced, the rhythm of fabric brushing against and interrupting the microphone’s work as I am steadily walking — creating an unexpected, complex disintegration pattern.

Structure and collapse, it proved to be the most compelling thing I recorded on our first collective walk, and was used as the basic sound spine for the following short collage soundscape.