Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Maggie Doswell - Visual Artist


Toronto, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

It is a way cool project!!! I am a visual artist living in TO but I have travelled extensively in my art teaching capacity and I love the fact that this project is international. The mixture of all of us participating in hearing the same things and then our creative verve kicking in is so exciting! I do most of my work in encaustic and resin so I am hoping to be inspired to create some wonderful things when I "hear" the prompts each time. I will be doing most of my creative work at Karma Creative art studio (Sheppard Ave. & Chesswood Dr. in Toronto). It is a very inspiring place where they teach all forms of visual art in a relaxed adult setting. The rock because the group classes are small, they are practicing artists and their info is always excellent and they really foster a "community" atmosphere which gets people working together to improve their art practice. It is a great place!  



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