Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Laura Sampson - Vocalist/Performer/Project Manager


London, UK

Why do I want to participate?

To enrich my creative work and learn something new about the meaning of sound. My current projects all have a major sonic element to them, and I am currently studying singing styles which are so disparate as to be almost incomprehensible to each other. I've been surprised at how exciting this process has been, and want to continue being excited in this way.

Twitter: @laurasampson; @nohtraininguk



Noise Intercepted – Challenge 1 – A London PulseNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

An underground train eases its way into Manor House station on the Piccadilly line.

Piccadilly Line Train, Manor House

This is the pulse longed for by people who want to get where they are going, and dreaded by people who don’t. Does it sound more like a sword fight, a heartbeat, or a death knell? Sung and clapped, I think it will sound almost joyous. Played on a single drum in a big room, eerie. Accompanying a story of staying still, intriguing.

So, I guess that is what we will try next!