Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Kate MacDonald - Working Artist/Random Troublemaker


Vancouver, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

realist painter, digital artist, death penalty activist, sommelier, and random troublemaker. throws mostly small stones. About this project: I like the challenge of being forced to create work on a timeline that is not of my own making, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with and follow the journey of other artists.

Twitter: @katemacdonald



Cue the Sound of the Alarm and the Gift of Rain: Rainy Day MillionaireNoise Challenge #7: The Cues

This submission could be considered a combination of several previous projects. The further we move through the challenges, the more aware I’ve become of the interconnectedness of sound to thought and mood and memory. The drone of a mower on a hot day (Challenge #2: The Little Things), rain hitting the windowpane (Challenge #1: The Pulse – of Vancouver), and the infernal buzz of the alarm – especially the infernal buzz of the alarm (Challenge #7: The Cue).

Rainy Day Millionaire - Kate MacDonald

Drawbridge – Kingsway & The Weber BrothersNoise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

I have two confessions to make. I have long been guilty of listening to one song or album for hours at a time.  Many of my paintings (and one would never guess from their content) are bound to individual albums played nonstop. To me, music first becomes a means of transport and then greets you as an old friend at the end of the journey.

Confession # 2 – I had told myself I didn’t have time to do Challenge #4, but coincidentally received the new Kingsway album the day the Challenge was announced. While some of these songs were already welcome and familiar, a new one stood out. Over the last week, it’s walked me from downtown to home, followed me to the tennis courts, sparked memories, and reminded me what I love about spring.

The video is rough, but it’s a window on my current reverie.

Kingsway & The Weber Brothers, DDG Records, 2013

Pest Buzz (Rough & Dirty Mix)Noise Challenge #2: The Little Things

Not enough time to make this video very pretty – but my week’s been interrupted by a malignant pest. You know the type. Insignificant but irritating.

Thanks to Devolver for use of the song Higher Elevation from the album Christs Lane (out later this year on transsiberian music co.) And thanks to the mosquito – said no one ever.