Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Krysia Kordecki - Art Student


Glasgow, Scotland

Why do I want to participate?

My interest in sound has come from everyday experiences like sitting on a bus and tuning into the different surfaces around me rattling with the engine, to the intense journey i find myself on when lost in music in loud, dark techno clubs. As a result, working with sound has been at the forefront of my artistic practice. In participating in Noise Intercepted, i hope to develop my critical understanding of auditory moments, and how sound can affect our perception depending on situation and surroundings. By opening myself up to these challenges, I intend to develop the way in which I listen to sound, and the processes I use when investigating this curious medium. I am in my final year on the Sculpture and Environmental Art course at Glasgow School of Art. I intend to continue making, learning and investigating sound-based work when I graduate.



It sounds much better than it looksNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

I lie in bed and cannot rest because I am so aware of my own surroundings – I resonate with the room like a live orchestra. There is never silence, even as I lie still. The sounds seem to have a presence more physical than my own. Every surface and material around me gives off its own tormenting soundtrack, denying me rest. The gail force wind in the pillow beneath me whirls in a different direction with the slightest movement of my head. The hollow metal that frames my bed is like a defunct organ pipe, grasping onto any opportunity to sound once more. The meniscus in the glass of water that I put to rest minutes earlier has still not settled – I am tuning into its rhythms like an old wireless radio. My eyes are closed yet my perception of the space I am occupying feels far more real. I am locating sounds and with this information I have an acute understanding of my environment. I must say it sounds much better than it looks.

Sub Club, GlasgowNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse




Thousands of people have been passing through the doors to the Sub Club every week for over 25 years. The club is underground, and so reverberates the core of the city along with hundreds of bodies most nights of the week. The artists that have played here over the years have shaped our history, keeping the city vibrant and an exciting place to live. The sounds you are hearing now are recordings i made in the tunnels that run underground from the dancefloor to the fire exit above ground.