Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Kim Gamble


Lansdale, USA

Why do I want to participate?

I am always looking for ways to stretch myself. In creativity endeavors I tend to be very visual (with the exception of playing music). I think this could be an interesting exercise in opening up the pathway between listening and interpreting instead of just seeing or thinking. I am aware that I tend to be hypersensitive in my hearing (both being able to hear things that others do not and being annoyed by things that others drown out). In addition, I just think it will be fun.



The Soundtrack – Tether by Indigo GirlsNoise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

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(Disc 2) 15 – Tether


Tether – written by Amy Ray

You released these words in 2004

no telling how long they were playing

in your mind.

Seeing history continue

to repeat itself

over and over.

Will peace ever be?

Can we ever see?

Even with visionaries

like you, friend…

and those you touch

through your lyrics

and your soul

and a boy

holding a picture

wanting peace

snatched away

way too soon

The sage and the child

who know the secret

that we fail to see.

My eyes

fill with tears.

The Pulse of Lansdale, PANoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

Living in the suburbs of Philadelphia what I hear as the pulse of the city is the constant news from both the public and talk news radio stations.  One day this week I changed from one channel to the other and they were both talking about the same issue – the closing of 60-some schools in the city of Philadelphia.  People were calling into both programs, giving their opinions and hosts were deftly moving one caller off and the next caller on.  It was interesting because there was a broader mix of people on the talk radio station with many more opinions where the public radio callers mostly did not support the closings.  – Please click on the link download the powerpoint.