Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Kate Caplis - Video Editor


Chicago, USA

Why do I want to participate?



A walk towards stillnessNoise Challenge #3: The Empty

From my city apartment I can walk only a few blocks to the quiet of our lake front. I did not want to transform this site with anything but nature and so collected branches to form the shape you see in the lower part of the photo. It is a path, narrow at first then expands. From narrow noisy city streets to the expansive and still view of our big and great lake. From unending noise to the quiet of the lakefront park, interrupted by a few birds, barking dogs, cheers from a bandstand, or laughter from a child throwing his first snowball.

The Sound in BetweenNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

The sound in between,
the good morning buzzer, click, snooze, click.

Scratches at my bedroom door , meows and whispers
announce “I’m hungry”.

Motors humming by, delivery trucks clatter and bang
a bus’s cranky arrival at the nearby stop
tell me work has begun.

Electronic chirps, pings and “bzzzzzzz”
track my successes and failures.

And there is the sound between

The floors that creak, the dishes clattering,
the television barking

The sound between
the sounds of life

the still and sweet relief of silence.