Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Jennifer Traff - Filmmaker


Chicago, USA

Why do I want to participate?

Sounds and music are a very important element in the filmmaking process.  I would like to explore this aspect further to enhance my auditory senses.



A song that makes my body involuntarily start jumping around the room …. bounce! … bounce! …. bounce!Noise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

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When this challenge first came into my inbox, 2 immediate songs came to mind.  Both were Bjork songs from the Matthew Barney soundtrack Drawing Restraint 9.  Let me explain. When I first saw Matthew Barney’s Cremaster series, it inspired me and opened my creativity to a different level.  I was obsessed and began creating my art films with a different sensibility.  A year later when I saw Drawing Restraint 9, this art film had the same impact. I’m not sure if it was the memory of the Cremaster series coming through or another piece from Matthew Barney that I completely connected with or the songs that Bjork created for his film.  They are awesome.

After I started listening to the soundtrack, I couldn’t pick one song. I had listened to the soundtrack so many times as a complete unit that to take one song and repeat it, I would miss the song that came before it and after it.  SO, I decided to do a complete 180 degree turn.  What song have I listened to a lot recently that makes me happy and lifts my mood? Here it is! 

Bass Monkeys_Hatiras Remix

Bringing things to a boilNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

Nothing is more soothing than the sounds of soup boiling on the stove.  Although this was not my first idea for the challenge, as I heard my soup boiling for dinner, I realized this is what it should be.  (A sidenote: If you’re interested in hearing me prepare the vegetables for the soup, please view “Significantly Choppy” in the video below.)