Noise Intercepted Collaborators

J'Sun Howard - Student


Chicago, USA

Why do I want to participate?

I write and make dances but never really had the opportunity to focus any art that centers around noise. When I do actively implement in any work that I do, it usually stems from an emotional pool. With these ten noise challenges/creative prompts I can go pass emotional and dive into new places- find disruptions, triggers, and difficult uneasinesses perhaps. Or go for beauty and create a cohesive story that may incite me to discover and capture something new about Chicago, my creative processes, or life for that matter...



Questions about the SnowNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

is it true that when a snowflake melts and refreezes,

it ends up with the same shape it had before?


would it be truer that water would have to have a memory

before it decided to go back to its first love?


if crystals are so perfectly symmetrical,

are there not some special forces at work that ensure this perfection?


and why are there infinitesimal celestial bodies so soft?

are they not as fortified as stone when clouds decoct their effervescence?


why should they perish as soon as they are admonished by the wind’s tongue?

why should they perish over a day’s length when water last forever?


chione, if this is you remembering the dissatisfaction of your father,

what provoked him to flick his hand to damn you to such a beautiful hellish fate?


and how did you teach yourself to fall down like that?

ça fait mal to whorl, blunder, and gadabout like von Vortices


praying to land somewhere where no one knows your name?

but does a rainbow tinted halo settled around the sun


or moon mean you will come lay down with us soon?

or if i hide a spoon under my pillow, shake a snowglobe whilst dancing,


wear my pajamas backwards, drop icecubes in my toilet,

and place a statue of the blessed mary in a north facing window, will you snow then?


yet should i assume that snowflakes stand alone in the garden of eden

like collin’s angels warranting new forms and shrieking in dead languages?


then why does snow require a certain degree of allurement

to come together as a community to find faith in near ambient temperatures?


and what of this process of faceting?

est-ce ainsi qu’ils trouvent la mort?