Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Jennifer Gough - Artist


Kitchener, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

I'm always interested in how inspiration finds us.  Using a sensory approach to creating a visual experience will be an exciting challenge.

Twitter: @mindseyestudio



The EmptyNoise Challenge #3: The Empty

As the sun sets in the west, light floods through a small window in this empty barn. The horses are out to pasture. Stall doors stand open, awaiting their occupants.  No sound or movement interrupts the stillness, until human hands force their closure. The ominous clang of metal finding purchase as it collides with its housing is my contribution.


Down the DrainNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

Noise Intercepted challenge #2 Make something insignificant, significant.
What could be more insignificant than a drippy faucet and water going down the drain?
In reverse, it has an eerie quality. A somewhat aggressive feeling fading to a slow heartbeat.

Listen loudNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

As the clock strikes 12 in the distance, faintly, I hear it’s toll.

The sun shines brightly beyond the revolving door.

Exit to winter wonderland.

The laughter of children and scrape of blades blade on ice is a stark contrast in the crisp, chill air.

People come and go as I make my way toward the street.

Our city center. Gently bustling along.

The almost musical call of horns, elongate into strange melodies as they fade.

The growl of traffic, a constant murmur.

Ebb and flow.