Noise Intercepted Collaborators

jessica gabriel - artist / puppeteer


vancouver be sea, canadada

Why do I want to participate?

tune in .  tune out . .  s t r e t c h  .  .  .

Twitter: @garlicjoy



caw’meeFeatured&Noise Challenge #8: The Portrait

stream of consciousness…self poor’trait’urrrrr

cras, cras, cras…
(means ” tomorrow” or ” delay for tomorrow” in latin;
the word “procrastination” comes from it)






raw with traffic swingsNoise Challenge #5: The Senses

i am sensitive to the blaring of lawnmowers and the highway

and sometimes the noise becomes so strong monotonous that it make me want to cry

moaning on an overpass with vehicles zooming passt feels a part of it all



envoyer voix voyageNoise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

…i had this song on repeat all day : : : it’s a live improvisational free jazz piece by Joëlle Léandre (standup bass/voice) & Serge Teyssot-Gay (guitar) : : : Joëlle Léandre & Serge Teyssot-Gay La Voix est Libre – Soirée de soutien au Point Ephémère

…i did dishes to this..i walked outside to this..watched ducks bathing to this… shopped for tomatoes to this… withdrew money to this… ate an apple to this… pissed to this… zoned out to this…focused with this… typed this to this…continue on with this hiss….

i feel altered by it. juxapositions seam endless. less predictable is always new.?

if a picture is worth a thousand words thennn a spontaneous sound must be worth at least double that much!? (probably way more)







sew, i blurt french blatherings etc paired with skronky out of tune guitar fits for layering fun in the spirit of free jazz


there is a kind of mysterious/frivolous flow to improvised vocal tangents, and it’s fun discovering/hearing where they might randomly mesh with an instrument après le fait

unstopping subconscious congestion
potentially makes for repetitive re:digestion

dig dig dig


oh and bonus! here is an awesome performance by Joëlle Léandre who i so enjoyed finding while intentionally searching for “free jazz improv women” for this challenge: : :


tape loop (spoken whirr’d)Noise Challenge #2: The Little Things

clink /

glint /

many small moments m_ache up each day

(tiny is hidden inside everything)

calmly, eye focus, ear focus..

i spend some time with my own small vocal s’wings on old tapes…

analog cassette tape loop (1st i’ve ever made!) acts as a wonky chirping vocal base layer:::

the “little things” that come from a mouth are haphazard, repetitive, simple silences, gasps, hisses, chirps, inhales….sputters…….words…….. it trickles…..

over the past few years i have been aimlessly/randomly collecting many small sounds using a handheld cassette tape recorder.  unedited raw captures accumulate and are stacked idly by (mostly gathering dust).  i’ve recently begun listening for clues within the ana’log arc’hive…… looting from subconscious off the cuff….finding some spoken words tucked in among other stuff.

i tend to lag/linger/languish in observing the myriad of obscure/subtle ways a piece of art can form (and deform) when given the attention

words are small and fitting (in stature)(?) but not necessarily small in their meaning, which gives an uncertain “significance” to what are essentially random bits of inner dial’log from me here.  (s’elf indulgent alleyoops!)

(petit p’tit)

insignificance is a myth(?)

en largesse!



vancouver be seaNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

i live near still creek.

(one of only two remaining visible streams in urban vancouver)

it’s a city waterway where just last year (after an 80 year hiatus) salmon returned.

i often see crows/ducks/herons bathing there.  odd as it flows right beside the superstore.

part of still creek is also an end/start point on the daily migration route for thousands of city crows to and from their night roost.


all sounds collected with handheld cassette tape recorder:::

-gentle clicking/caws (crows at sunrise)

-bottle blows/radio static/solo tapping (bedroom)

-rain on plastic (outside frontdoor)

-traffic/moans/talks/jingling change (hwy 101)

-ocean/flows/gutters/trickles (roberts creek/bonniebrook/windermere)

-(air)horn blasts spill freely from fans after big canucks hockey win during playoffs (mainstreet)

-players briefly chortle near oval (memorial park)


(everything is shaped by water)