Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Joseph Campbell - Writer


North Battleford, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

I am participating to develop my ability to write about sound with more depth and meaning than simply describing sound.  I also think the weekly challenges gives me extra incentive to get writing and avoid procrastinating. I am a writer living in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am hungry for tacos and kale salad.... hmm what does that sound like?

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Ancient CadenceNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

There is a place on the hillside where you can hear it.  Sit quietly at the nexus of the circle and be still.  The cars whoosh by on the highway below.  They make the sounds of the fleeting, hustling—the endless coming and going.  The train clunks and hisses slowly by you on its journey.  The clanging of the railway echoes across a century and finds your ears.  It’s the sound of progress and industry.  It is the great bringer.  But can you hear it?  If your thoughts drift beyond the well traveled roads, you may just hear something more ancient beating deep within the Earth.  It is the heartbeat that tells you of laughter and love, and of bloodshed and long-forgotten stories.  It never stops beating; its source far from human interference.  On Earth, it reveals itself to you as the fever of the rhythm; the ancient cadence; the beating of the drum.