Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Elizabeth Olwig - Artists


St.Louis, USA

Why do I want to participate?

I am always looking for something new and exciting in my life. This sounds like it would be an interesting project to look forward to every week.



‘The Pulse’Noise Challenge #1: The Pulse

Rams, Cardinals, Blues… The three most important words to the majority of the inhabitants of the city of St. Louis.

This city is all about its’ sports teams, proud of each and every one. During each of their respective seasons, fans will line up outside waiting to fill stadiums to capacity. Once inside, the individual hoots and hollers of celebration begin to become very rhythmic and eventually end up sounding as one. Even boos directed at the opposing team, in reality coming from thousands of people, sound to be coming from one unified being.

Walking downtown before and after games you can still hear and feel that same energy. People wearing their t-shirts and baseball caps, talking about the home run that so-and-so hit…once again it all becomes very steady. Thousands of  St. Louis-ans  will be hustling and bustling looking for parking spots, restaurants, and restrooms. Each and every one of them is surely carrying on a different conversation but all I hear is one syncopated beat.

The pulse of my city is everyone rooting for the home team.