Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Ehsan Akbari - Art Educator


Montreal, Canada

Why do I want to participate?

I love working with sound, and I want to explore new ways of doing it.



Noise challenge 4 – The soundtrackNoise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

I couldn’t listen to a single song over and over again in a day, so instead I put together a bunch of songs that encapsulate what’s going on in my head nowadays.



Track list:  1. Beth Gibbons – Show   2. Radiothead – Fake plastic tree (acoustic)   3. Pearl Jam – Nothingman   4. John Lee Hooker- It serves you right to suffer   5. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Easy Money 6. Tom Waits – Get behind the mule  7. Leonard Cohen – Who by fire (acoustic)  8. R.E.M. – Walk unafraid  9. FenaxiZ – Knowledge of self  10. Gorillaz – Fire coming out of the monkey’s head 11. Rage Against the Machine- Ashes in the fall  12. Hank Williams – No,no Joe  13. Four tet – Spirit Fingers  14. Atoms for Peace – Stuck together in pieces  15. Bjork – Human Behaviour

Subtarranean PulseNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

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These are the sounds of Montreal’s underground


Subtarranean Pulse