Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Ryan Urban - Salesman


Houston, Texas, United States

Why do I want to participate?

I love the idea of searching out ways to interact with or otherwise engage my city's soundscape, prompted by somebody else's ideas from the outside.




The PondNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

The Pond (click to view, then click the red dot to hear)

This is Houston’s “Central Park”, but nearly twice the size by comparison.  I have been visiting the place since I was a child and recall imagining  at one point that all of the city’s life must emanate from it.  Once I found a piece of a meteor here.  I could easily suspend my disbelief back then and play like I was in another world, but was still delightfully grounded by the familiar sounds of nearby trains, roaring traffic, buzzing power lines and airplanes.  There used to be a lookout tower over this pond, which is just a deck now,  where I still like to sit and listen to the sounds of nature dance with those of the urban landscape.  The majority of the trees have died and fallen and many more are sick due to the last few years of drought.  It looks and sounds different, but there is still a lot to enjoy while we wait in hope that the newly planted saplings will take root and join the forest.