Noise Intercepted Collaborators

charles toeppe - artist


dearborn, mi, usa

Why do I want to participate?

i want to be a machine

Twitter: charlestoeppe





This is only a filming of the scream. The scream can be heard here (caution may crash browser):

10 megabytes of auto-generated noise, all on one html page, filling up one entire free account.

The way a physical scream can cause public annoyance or even hearing damage, this digital scream can cause browsers to slow down or to even crash. But as is with every scream, if you can withstand this initial bombardment, then beyond is beauty waiting to be discovered.

Questions about how we use the space we are given, physical or digital.

Questions about what it means to “scream” and about what “silence” means in the digital world, versus the physical world.

Questions about the potentials and boundaries of the new city, the internet, the neocity.


For each Noise Intercepted challenge, I have treated the internet, the raw stream of the social networks, as my city. For this is the new city, the city. I have treated the data, the words and images and sounds of social network sharing human beings, as the noise with which I sculpted. Via soundscapes, films, visual poems, interactive software, and finally a noise filled web page, I have heard the heartbeat at the center of it all. A binary pulse of zeroes and ones, with life crammed between each bit.

Thank you Labspace Studios for the machine codes with which I ran on.

My ending scream of silent datum is but my beginning whisper of neocity noise.

separasthesiaNoise Challenge #5: The Senses

Oh, it’s called separasthesia. I’m pretty sure I have Separasthesia. I’m curious about your separasthesia. maybe some weird obscure form of separasthesia?? so happy you can join me in the separasthesia club. discussions of separasthesia as being an evolutionary trait. The establishment separasthesia. personally i blame the psychologists that gave me separasthesia. It’s basically artificial separasthesia! Blaring #Separasthesia in the car because it’s the right thing to do. Separasthesia Manifestations Of Energy Paintings. some universal experience of separasthesia. I just liked “Sepaerasthesia” on Vimeo.

watch on youtube or watch on vimeo

the transmuted keyboardNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

all day we type
each click a sound
and the rate fluctuates
slowly as we explore
quickly as we create & share
silent as we sleep
so frequent so ignored
what if our clicks made music?
would we listen then?

(the rate of my own keylogged typing transmuted into an existing @snckpck song)
(keylogged from march 17 to march 22, 2013)
(108 hours total, each hour = 1.25 seconds, time distortion based on characters/minute)

a sonic train through the connected cityNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

we travel to the city
we explore within the city
we party up the city
we share the city with the city
we all are the city

constantly generating sound
constantly engaging sound
constantly capturing sound
constantly forwarding sound

chaotic yet meditative
disjointed yet connected
foreign yet local

open a window to the connected city

(an hour of city related sounds found on the internet)
(sounds gathered from march 7 to march 9, 2013)
(tour guide: 5 min travel, 30 min explore, 25 min party)