Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Catherine Major - Theatre and other things


Glasgow, Scotland

Why do I want to participate?

Sounds like a really interesting challenge. I already have a personal project where I have to make one creative thing a day (, so this will feed into it nicely and give me some inspiration. Looking forward to exploring different forms and opening up my ears to hear what my city has to say, as well as hearing other people's!



The Little Things – Glasgow, ScotlandNoise Challenge #2: The Little Things

Glasgow Central

Listening for the little things, I noticed the¬†whirrrrrrr¬†of suitcase wheels. The city is full of people arriving and departing and the drumroll of those wee wheels can be heard constantly. But each of those suitcases is the start or end of a journey and I got to thinking about the stories waiting to happen. This little comic strip is the beginning of thinking about one journey. It’s by no means finished, with more time and thought I would expand it to all the little details of travelling (cutting out card takes pure ages. It’s filmic in my head but I can’t really put it on paper properly. Anyway, here’s the beginnings of the little things…

This gallery won’t work properly for me. The order is meant to go suitcase, coffee, tag, embrace. Doesn’t make a great deal of difference, but just so you know. I’ll add more if I make ‘em!


The Pulse – Glasgow, ScotlandNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

I cannae find it
The heart is hidden

I went searching

I found the lungs
The train station lungs
Breathing life into the city
And sucking it back up
With the five o’clock shadows and suitcases
I went searching

I found the stomach
The shopping centre stomach
The squeaking indigestion of rails and rumbling trolleys
The hungry queue to the till
And the bulging guts of plastic bags after
I went searching

But still the heart
Was nowhere to be found

I followed the rush hour of blood
To the head of the gridlocked city and saw
Scatters into a thousand pieces
The heart of Glasgow

I see it

It is in the pounding of feet on pavement
It is the instruments singing in sunshine and rain
It is the man who dances karate chop moves at midday
And belts the melodies playing quietly in his ear

It is fuck as noun, verb and adjective
Even an adverb if you get creative
It is deep-fried heartburn
For breakfast, lunch and dinner
It is foreign faces whose voices say home

It is kindness to strangers
And violence to strange looks
It is beating and being beaten
It is breaking but never broken

Because I found it
Because every heart that holds Glasgow
Holds Glasgow’s heart