Noise Intercepted Collaborators

Chandra Chapman - Student


Aberdeen, UK

Why do I want to participate?

I want to expand my horizons. I graduate in 3 months and want to explore new ways of working. While connected across the world!



pulse:LincolnNoise Challenge #1: The Pulse

Here you can see the city sprawling in front of you…

This week I travelled home to the city I grew up in. To me the pulse of this place is slow but sudden – in keeping with the frequency that I visit.

My brother ,who has autism and I, went on a walk up to the top of town and talked about what had changed.

Lincoln is on hill you can climb up and see for miles and miles.

We stood looking out at the landscape – the city is constantly changing..this pulse of change beats slower and more gradualy for those who live here, than those who visit less often….

For him things change slowly, there is almost no pulse unless recalling what has past and changed. For me the pulse is slow but sudden, because I am so familiar with the city the time I have been away doesn’t seem to count. But when I return it is never the same as when I left… There are many pulses, different ones for different people with different perceptions of the place…

Here is what we heard alongside a conversation about the skyline.